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What a loooong day yesterday...

It's been a while since I've had a day like yesterday that felt like it lasted an entire week... :P First off, I must've eaten something at the buffet with my in-laws on Thursday night that didn't agree with me - I was feeling awful on Friday at work and eventually ended up going home... :P

Most of the day after that was spent sleeping and nursing my stomach ache :P. At about 2pm I started to feel a little better so I got on my computer and did a COMPLETE re-design of Julie Ann's site (Maybe I should do all of my web work when I'm sick since it seems to be the first thing - web wise that I've done in a while that I didn't completely hate) :) It was actually pretty productive! :)

At about 6pm I thought I should call my Mom since I usually call her everyday after work and I hadn't called her on Thursday night because of the dinner with Mark's parents. Her phone line was busy... Which I thought was odd since she has call waiting (and no computer - so no chance that she was online). I tried calling back several times within the next hour, but still there was a busy signal. I know I panic when it comes to my Mom, but she's the only family that I have and I worry about her living alone... When Mark came home at 7:30pm and I still couldn't get through on her phone line we decided to drive over to her place to see if everything was okay.

My Mom lives about 25 minutes away from us so that's not too bad of a drive, but I wanted to make sure that nothing happened to her... I thought it was odd that she didn't wonder why I hadn't called for two nights (when I usually call her EVERYDAY on my way home from work). If the phone was off the hook, wouldn't she hear it beeping? Or if she thought it was odd that I hadn't called, wouldn't she check her phones to make sure they weren't off the hook? Mark and I were pretty nervous about what we'd find when we got there.

When we got to her place her car was in the driveway and all the lights in the house were off - which seemed odd in itself because it was still so early in the evening. I had the key, but I didn't want to just barge in so I knocked on the front door first. There was no answer so Mark & I went in. It was so quiet and the oddest thing was that my Mom's dog Yuki wasn't even around or barking... Mark checked the phone and said that there was a dial tone.

Then I noticed the door to her bedroom was closed. I didn't want to just open it, so I knocked and that's when Yuki started to bark... But no one came to the door. I opened it a little to see inside, and I nearly gave my Mom a heart attack! She was standing on the other end of the door looking petrified - she thought someone had broken into her house! OMG - you wouldn't believe the relief I felt when I saw her standing there!

In retrospect, I probably should've called out to her instead of knocking at her bedroom door so she would know it was me... but my sensibilities were all but gone at that point! :P Luckily everything was fine and we all had a good laugh about it afterward. I know that I stress out about my Mom too much, but after my Dad passed away, she's really the only family I have left. :( We ended up having a nice little visit with her and Mark & I drove home knowing that buying his parent's house one day might be the thing we need to do to keep our sanity (or at least, mine) :P
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