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A wonderful day & My Adventures with Veggie Chinese Food (Can you tell it's fake?)

It all really started on Friday, when this was delivered to my office! :)

From Mark, which I adored!! :) :)

Then, today Mark took me to Mini-Garden, which is a great Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant! They have an entire menu of vegetarian items - fake shrimp, beef, and pork... DEFINITELY my kind of place!! :)

But instead of me trying to explain, I think it's much better explained with photos...

Our first dish was vegetarian Gau Gee - it was crispy and tasty and came with a great
sweet & sour sauce!! :)

The next dish was a fake shrimp with black bean sauce noodle. SOOOO good! The noodles were
thin & crispy and the fake shrimp really looked and tasted like shrimp!

Can YOU tell the difference? :)

The last thing we ordered was the sweet & sour fake spareribs... Oh My God... Heavenly!
I'm usually not a fan of sweet & sour, but the fake spareribs were seasoned so perfectly
and were so crispy that they went perfectly with the sweet & sour sauce!! SOOO good!

Yes, we ate it all!! It was one of the best Veggie Chinese places I've EVER been to!!

Even Mark loved the food and he couldn't tell the difference between the fake meat &
real stuff. :) We're definitely going back!! :)

Spent the rest of my day working on a new profile page for this LJ since it's been YEARS since I've changed it... Remember how it took me 5 years to change my layout? Well, it took me 8 years to change my profile. It's HERE if anyone is interested... :)

And finally, aside from all the wonderful things that happened today, I have to say that one of the highlights of my day was probably having Kevin "sing" Happy Birthday to me on my FB wall... :) Almost made turning... AHEM... the age that I am, not seem so bad... :)

Thank you all again for your beautiful messages and wishes!! Love you all!!
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