Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

Aside from other things I may say about my job...

...I work with the best people around!

On Monday they bought Thai food from Souvaly (my favorite place and my favorite kind of food) to help me celebrate my birthday. :) My friend Jillian was also sweet enough to get me a Rainbow Cake. It was so pretty, I almost didn't want to eat it... but, you know... I did. I can't resist cake. ;)

It was a three layer cake with a yellow, pink, and green layer which tasted like lilikoi, guava, and lime.
SOOO good and very light and refreshing! :)

Spent the day today waiting at home for the plumber. We returned home from work yesterday to find our gargage flooded! One of the pipes that lead to the spigot outside our garage had sprung and leak and was spraying water everywhere! :P We called a plumber to come by last night, but he didn't have the correct parts, so he basically looked at our situation, turned off the water to our house, and informed us that he needed to come back... Oh, and he charged us $150 for that visit. :P

He came back at 2pm this afternoon and thankfully was able to fix it. :P Don't want to see what our water bill is next month though,... since we have no idea how long the water was gushing into our garage. :P We have suspicions that as our neighbors were wheeling in their HUGE basketball net / rim set up, they might have hit our spigot outside by accident causing the crack in the pipe. We know that they wheeled it in that afternoon and we do see a bit of an impact on the spigot itself... but oh well... If that did happen, it was an accident and can't be helped.

In theatre traveling news, please don't think I'm insane, but there is another trip to LA coming up over the v-day weekend. It was sort of pre-planned... Late last year I purchased a mini- subscription to MTW for three shows (RENT - which I couldn't see due to work, Sweeney, and 1776) and so most of my LA trips this year were pre-planned without me really being able to change the dates...

It's okay, though because I'd been looking forward to seeing Sweeney ever since I heard Michelle Duffy was cast in it... Also, I'm taking the opportunity to see Daniel Tatar in "Spelling Bee" at La Mirada Theatre AND Duncan Sheik's new musical, "Whisper House" and "Lost in Yonkers" (I LOVE Neil Simon!!) at The Old Globe on Sunday. So it should be a nice trip. :)

Finally, I stole this meme from njzynj

List one song you love for each letter of the alphabet.
Some letters I had more than one... and I couldn't decide....

Another National Anthem - from Assassins & All the Wasted Time - from Parade
Branded a Tramp - from Johnny Guitar & Bare - from Bare
Colors of Paradise - from Spitfire Grill
Drifting - from Sleeping Beauty Wakes - by Groovelily
Extraordinary - from Pippin
Forest for the Trees - from Spitfire Grill
Go Slow Johnny - from Sail Away & Gimme, Gimme - from Thoroughly Modern Millie
Highest Judge - from Carousel (but only if Kevin sings it...)
I Chose Right - from Baby, I Know Him So Well - from Chess & I Will Never Leave You - from Side Show
Jimmy - from Thoroughly Modern Millie
Kind of Woman - from Pippin
Louder Than Words - from tick, tick,...BOOM!
Memphis Lives In Me - from Memphis, Molasses to Rum - from 1776, & Music of My Soul - from Memphis
Nothing - from A Chorus Line & Not Afraid - by Michael Arden
One of a Kind - from Applause & Out There - from Hunchback of Notre Dame
Pure Chemistry - from It Came from Beyond & Proud - by Heather Small (my only non-theatre song...)
Queenie Was A Blonde - from The Wild Party
Run Away With Me - from The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown, River - as sung as only Michael Arden can... Joni Mitchell, & Radio - from Memphis
Sailing - from A New Brain, Story Goes On - from Baby, & Something About You - from Altar Boyz
This Is Not Over Yet - from Parade & There Won't Be Trumpets - from Anyone Can Whistle
Unworthy of Your Love - from Assassins
Very Soft Shoes - from Once Upon A Matress
What Could Be Better? - from Baby
Xanadu - from Xanadu
You Can Always Count on Me - from City of Angels & You Make Me Feel Awake - from Sleeping Beauty Wakes - by Groovelily
Zanna's Song - from Zanna, Don't
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