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Some happy NYC planning for April...

  • The more I read about it, the more excited I'm getting about "Orphans' Home Cycle" (the 9 one act plays of Horton Foote's masterpiece.) I'm seeing all three parts in April when I'll be in NYC and though I first struggled with the idea of taking three show slot days to do this, after reading all the reviews and the message board comments I'm SO thankful I purchased my tickets before they sell out again. It should be AMAZING!

  • In addition to the above, I'm planning to see a bunch of shows including: MEMPHIS (of course,) Next Fall, The Temperamentals, Million Dollar Quartet (SO excited!), American Idiot, Addams Family, Smokey Joe's Cafe, Stop the World, Lend Me A Tenor, ENRON (how could I not? It's in my work genes to see this!) :P, Promises, Promises, Sondheim on Sondheim,... and others. I can't wait for this trip!!! :)

  • This is not exactly theatre, but SOOOO happy and excited that "SEE WHAT I’M SAYING" (which is a documentary about Deaf performers Robert DeMayo, TL Forsberg, Bob Hiltermann, and CJ Jones) will be screening while I'm in NYC in April!! This is the third time I was lucky enough to catch an Indie film I've been waiting to see for a LONG time during one of my NYC trips. (Save Me, Every Little Step, and now this!!) :) SOOO excited!!

  • Not about April, but I thought I'd add it in since I mentioned MEMPHIS earlier... Poor Chad is out again (for the mat today and last night AND tonight apparently,) with a stomach virus. :( Knew his recent FB status was not a good sign when I saw it, but when Bryan tweeted a few hrs later that he would be going on for him last night, I knew it wasn't good. Poor guy, I hope he feels better soon!! :(

  • Finally, speaking of Chad, I love this video... possibly my favorite version of "Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters" that I've EVER seen... My favorite part, of course, is the beginning where he says, "Elton John fans? Well, he's NOT here... but I am!" :) Ha!

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