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Cooking, Sydney, TV shows, and my LA trip! :)

I'll admit that I'm not the most domestic person in the world... in fact, I don't even come close... I used to do a lot of full scale cooking when we first moved into this house about 6 years ago, but Mark always came home late or he'd eaten a late lunch and wasn't hungry,... so eventually our house became a "fend-for-yourself" for dinner household. :P I'll cook once in a while, but it's getting to be a rare occurrence. :P Well, surprisingly enough, I actually cooked today. :O I think Mark was more shocked than anyone. :)

And I think Sydney's discovered a way to let us know that she wants more attention. :) It was adorable, but I was scratching her today behind the ears and when I stopped, she pawed at my hand as if to tell me to continue. So I did, and when I put my hand down again, she pawed at it again. :) Gotta love my dog, at least she knows how to make her wishes known and it seems she's got us trained really well. ;)

Spent more time than usual this weekend watching TV... I rarely (if ever) have the TV on but I happened to flip the station and caught "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" on Bravo. Interesting show! I'd heard all my friends talk about it, but it was interesting to finally see it for myself. I think I might actually have to tune in on Tuesday nights now. :) I also watched a few episodes of "Trading Spaces" and I have to say that show can be very addicting too... I think I watched more TV this weekend than I did all of the past 3 months combined. :P

Found some really great publicity stills of Julie Ann from "Line of Fire" - the only problem was that it was from an ABC press site and when I clicked on it to preview the larger image it required a username and password. :P So all I had access to was the crappy little 89 x 110 pixel image that I can do absolutely nothing with. :P Julie did say that she'd try to send over some publicity shots if she could... but that was before Dave's site was in the picture, so we shall see...

I leave for LA on Friday! :) I'm SO happy! It's been way too long since I've traveled that I hope I remember my way around... :P I printed out all of my Yahoo maps and have semi - packed my bags,...all I really need to do is some major laundry before I leave AND figure out what to see for Sunday's matinee on the 24th. I was torn between "Bees In Honey Drown" at Pasadena Playhouse, "Sneaux!" at the Matrix (where I saw Misty in "Anyone Can Whistle"), and I guess because of its bad reviews "Harvey" at Laguna Playhouse is out. :P I had wanted to see "Songs For A New World" but that ended last weekend. :( I'm still seeing "Toys In the Attic" at the Colony on Sunday night, but I need to make the most of my LA time and see a matinee! :)
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