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I think I've found one of my favorite interviews so far...

...of Chad. And I've seen quite a few.

Most ask the same things, but never really get to the heart of who he is. This one starts off that way by highlighting his modesty (which was the first thing I noticed about him... his difficulty in taking compliments - which is completely endearing!) :)

I also liked this:

"There have been drafts where Huey has not been liked at all. And then there was a draft where Huey was liked a little too much. I think this one finds a nice in between."

Partially I'm thinking this is why they took out the "You sleeping with him yet?" and the slap in the "Love Will Stand" reprise from previews. Maybe they needed to soften his character a little and make him a tad more sympathetic? Have to say, I LOVED that scene, though and I miss it in its final form... Chad was GREAT in that scene.

Also added another "Little Fish" video to the site...

Ever since seeing MEMPHIS, I've been trying to remember more about "Little Fish"... I remember seeing it with Mark in 2007 (the night BEFORE we went to the 2007 Ovation Awards...) We happened to run into Julie and Kevin who was there with Michelle Duffy. :) I remember speaking with Julie and Michelle rather in depth about the show afterward (they loved it,) but we never actually stage doored (I rarely do when I don't know anyone in the show... I just feel weird... who knows WHY I decided to stay after the 2nd preview of MEMPHIS?)

I even wrote something tiny about "Little Fish" in my LJ back then (and even back then mentioned Chad as being my favorite part of the show...) Honestly, I don't remember too much about the show except that Chad's character (Marco) was probably the most well drawn of the supporting roles. He was sarcastic and funny one moment, then absolutely heartbreaking the next. That is the one thing that stands out... even now. So it was really interesting for me to see these clips...

What else? Other than that, my evening was spent doing web work (lots of fun updates from Kristi who has a lot going on right now - SO happy for her!) She's doing a couple of concerts (one in Vegas and one in LA) in May. Looking at my schedule, it would be next to impossible for me to take time off to see it, but I am happy that she's keeping so busy (I mean, outside of "Phantom" - the show keeps her busy enough, I'm sure!)

And I've been finalizing my trip next week. Sweeney, Spelling Bee, Whisper House, and Lost in Yonkers -- pretty excited!! :) Hope you all had a nice weekend! I'm off to get some rest... I have a long week ahead!
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