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So I had my own "snow days"...

...well, they were sick days, but whatever... I stayed home and was quarantined to my house and slept the entire two days... Thankfully, I think I managed to shake whatever it is I had and will be heading back to work tomorrow (fun) and will see if I feel well enough to make my LA/San Diego trip this weekend. :P

Web stuff - word must've gotten out that I was at home doing a bunch of web work, because I got a TON of update requests within the last two days (which I love, please don't get me wrong...) Clients who I haven't heard from in YEARS, all sent me update emails. :) I'm sure it was just a big coincidence, but it sure felt like people knew I was stuck in my house with no where to go... :P

Cooper was a little confused and didn't understand why I was home, and more importantly, why I wasn't playing with him because I was home. :P I did a lot of sleeping and that was really confusing to him yesterday. Today he took it all in stride and napped right along next to me. :) Boy will he be confused when I leave again tomorrow... :P

And finally, found this press video for The Bridge Project for the BAM production of "As You Like It" I saw in January in Brooklyn... I didn't realize that this was a 10 month committment for the cast and that they'll be traveling to different venues around the world until their final stop at The Old Vic. SOOOO thankful I got to see them before they left!

Thomas is amazing! ♥

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