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How did I get so lucky?

I've always thought that Mark was an "evolved" man - but it wasn't until I was talking with my co-worker today that I realized how lucky I am to have Mark in my life. I really like my co-worker, but some of his views on women and men and men's roles in society are just archaic. I hesitate to go into what exactly was discussed, but the gist of it made me happy that Mark is as open-minded as he is. The Japanese culture allows men to be somewhat chauvinistic and unfortunately some still have traces of that upbringing - I'm so grateful that Mark doesn't. :)

I went to visit my Mom after work today (yes, her phone worked this time, she just wanted me to pick up some banana bread that she had made). She was great enough to provide me with a list of phone numbers for the neighbors in case a situation should arise like the other night. She also made dinner for us and threw in some homemade blueberry muffins as well - gotta love my Mom! :)

And yuck! I have to finish five continuing ed online classes if I want to keep my securities licenses in good order for work (which essentially means I have to...) :P If I don't finish them, my licenses will get suspended and that probably wouldn't be the best thing for me work-wise. :P I need to finish them all by October 1st, but I'm so unmotivated to do them - I keep logging in to the test site with the best of intentions and end up losing interest in the reading material and going to browse another theatre message board... Yes, I'm pathetic. I'm going to make it a point to finish at least one class this week before my trip.

Such great news! "Big River" has been extended to September 21st!! :) I'm so happy for Rod and the cast! :) Sadly, it could extend another two months and I still wouldn't be able to see it. :( Like I told Lauren below - Money and Work - not enough of one and too much of the other. :P

And the California Philharmonic finally updated their site with Kevin's Bio!! :) I noticed it's the same bio from Dave's site - with his old headshot. :( And I have to say how much I adore Kim Huber (who is the featured soprano with him this Saturday) - she's such a dear to meet in person, has the sweetest voice, and how can anyone NOT love a woman who writes this in her bio?

"Kim's proudest production to date is her daughter Paige, who was created in collaboration with actor Roger Befeler."

That's just so sweet! And funny since I met Roger, separately, and NEVER knew they were married until I saw Kim in "Spitfire Grill". :) I can't wait for the concert, it's going to be incredible!!!! :)
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