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I was tagged by njzynj

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.

Okay, most of this stuff people who know me already know about me, but here I go, anyway...

  1. I have this real thing about privacy - not for me necessarily, but my clients that I do websites for, friends in the entertainment business, etc. I sometimes feel that there is too much information available online and that worries me, not for me, but for them. I recently did a web search on the wrong thing and came up with WAY TOO MUCH information. The net... it's a scary place.

  2. I love to travel (that should not be a surprise to anyone who has been reading my LJ for any length of time...) :) The thrill for me is in the planning (and somehow, the longer I have to plan it, the less excited I become when it actually comes time for me to go). My best trips have come up quickly and I've planned everything within a week or two (e.g. the crazy weekend trip to NY to see DDR a couple of years ago). Which is SO different from Mark, who has to have everything planned out MONTHS before we leave and is never fully happy when we travel until it's over and he knows how it ends.

  3. I have this irrational deathly fear of large human forms... it's never actually been diagnosed as a phobia, but I believe it's, at least similar because it's SO irrational. Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, etc... all REALLY, REALLY bad. I get dizzy, my palms get sweaty and I really feel as though I'm going to pass out. It all unfortunately seems to stem from a traumatic BIG-Santa-at-Ala-Moana incident when I was about 5. Embarrassing yes,... but true. :P

  4. Theatre... I have always loved theatre, but the first show that caught my attention and started me down my semi-maniacal path of seeking it out was seeing "A Chorus Line" at the age of 13. "A Chorus Line" today is still one of my favorite shows for that very reason...

  5. My Dad passed away when I was young and in two years he will have been gone from my life as long as he was in it... which saddens me greatly. I think the thing that saddens me the most is that as more time has passed, more of my memories are of moments that don't include him vs. the moments that still do. I still remember the line of an old Matthew Perry sitcom ("Home Free" - no one remembers it!) where he said, "I would give up everything I'll ever have just to have 5 minutes to speak with my Dad again." I feel the same way and have NEVER forgotten that one line of the show.

  6. Even though I LOVE traveling to NYC to see shows, to me, nothing beats the theatre or the work that's being done in LA. I LOVE LA THEATRE soooo much! I think it's totally underrated and no, I'm not biased because I have a bunch of friends in the industry there... The work that's being done out there is AMAZING... it's daring and innovative, passionate, and SO full of talent, I can't even tell you! As much as I love Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, there is something SO INCREDIBLY special about LA theatre that I will always love SO deeply... Some of my favorite performances and shows each year are done in little 99 seaters in Hollywood... AMAZING, AMAZING stuff! As I said on Twitter, I am completely and utterly in love with LA theatre. Period.

  7. Finally, although I took many years of Japanese language school as a child (thanks, Mom!) I really can't speak or understand anything! I've always said that the only thing I remember is how to say is "Teacher, I'm sorry I'm late"... :P since they say you only remember the things you repeat often. :P

Okay, this was WAY too long and most of this stuff, you probably already know if you've been reading my LJ for any length of time... I'm not tagging anyone... if someone wants to do this, I'd be interested to read it... :)
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