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Wow..., that Tsunami scare was thankfully VERY uneventful! You can never tell, though... My Mom was living right on the beach in Hilo when the huge Tsunami of 1946 hit and all those people were killed. She told me that she was late for school that day and my aunt was upset with her, BUT thank goodness they were late that day! They were close enough to home that they could run back and get to higher ground - they actually watched the Tsunami from the roof of their neighbor's house. Lots of the people around them weren't so lucky. She always reminds me of this whenever there are Tsunami warnings... you always have to take them seriously.

I woke to a lovely text from Bets who was worried for our safety... I hadn't heard any of the sirens so thankfully she did text - because it spurred me to turn on the TV to find out WTH was going on. We live in Ewa Beach, which is about a mile away from the folks who had to evacuate so we were pretty close to everything, but not close enough where we had to leave. I called my Mom to make sure she was okay and she's so cute, the first thing she did? Cook rice, of course! :D Yes, like the typical Japanese Hawaii lady, when she hears about an emergency the first thing she feels compelled to do is cook rice. :D

Was offline during most of the uneventful-ness. And returned to such lovely messages on FB, twitter, etc. I really wanted to thank you all for your concern - seriously,... the texts, the calls, tweets, and emails really, really warmed my heart!! Thank you all SO much, I know I always say it, but I really do have the best friends that anyone could ask for! ♥

And VERY, very quickly, in other news.... Saw Chad's FB user photo and immediately knew I'd be seeing a Bryan tweet... and sure enough. Bryan went on for Chad in both shows today.

Again, thank you all for your sweet messages!! ♥ And thank goodness that the day was as uneventful as it was!! HUGS!!
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