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Gotta admit, this made me extremely happy...

Okay...I've gone from "Okay" to feeling totally elated in a matter of hours... The reason? Kevin's been nominated for TWO Robby Awards this year!! One for Best Actor for his role in "Side Show" and one for Supporting Actor for his role in "Spitfire Grill"... AND I'll be in town the weekend of the awards to see "City of Angels", I have to find someone who will go with me to the awards show... I went last year and it was a great evening!

Here's a link to the nomination article: 26th Annual Robby Nominations

AND Julie and Misty were nominated for Best Actress, Nick for Best Director, and Tom for Best Musical Director. :) :) :) Couldn't have happened to nicer, more talented people! I'm so on cloud 9 right now - all seems good with the world!!! :)

Sorry, but my elated moments seem to be so few and far between these days that I had to share my joy... :)
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