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Three more days until LA!!

I can't wait! :) The only thing is I've been procrastinating the important travel "to-do" things (like packing, laundry, etc.) and chose to fill my time last night watching TV... For someone who never watched a lot of TV before, I can't believe how easily I'm getting sucked into it. :P

And why is it that no one's ever told me how great "West Wing" is? I saw it for the first time in reruns tonight on Bravo and I have to say, had I known that such an intelligently written, witty, touching, and worthwhile piece of viewing was out there, I'd definitely have watched TV more often. :) I think one of the things that dissuaded me from watching TV in the past was that every time I'd go downstairs to watch TV with Mark, he'd always be watching something horrible and I just assumed that there was nothing worthwhile on TV anymore. Where have I been for the past four years? :P

One of my friends who was supposed to meet us in LA this weekend from the East Coast emailed to say she wasn't able to make it to due to a family emergency. I certainly hope that things are okay with her. I'm definitely sad that she won't be able to make it, but more worried about how she's doing. :( And another friend who lives in SF is unable to make the trip to LA this weekend too, due to work. What once started out as a pretty big group has now turned into only about 4 or 5 of us. :( We'll definitely miss the people who aren't there. :(

And it looks like I might see "Sneaux" this weekend - though I'm not too excited about going... I haven't purchased tickets yet so there's still time to change my mind... I suppose I could just hang around the Sportsmen's Lodge with my friends and star-gaze "General Hospital" actors (the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend events are happening this weekend too - and that's why a lot of my out of town friends will be in the LA area...) but somehow, since I haven't watched soaps in several years, that prospect seems even less appealing. :P

In any case, I'm excited about LA, I'm not at all ready (packing-wise) for the trip and I still have to start my Continuing Ed classes before I leave... yet LJ and watching re-runs of "West Wing" seem to have been occupying all my non-work hours recently... How's that for pathetic? :P
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