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Wow... apologies to everyone. I haven't logged in here for a LONG time! I've been trying to go back and read everyone's past posts, but honestly I've been gone for so long, I don't think I'll ever catch up. :( I will try though, because I've missed reading about what's been happening in all of your lives... that is my mission this weekend. :)

Wanted to quickly come by and post some quick thoughts on 1) the Tony Nominations and 2) the Lucille Lortel Awards... both happened within days of each other and have really been forcing me to spend far too much time on my computer (and not in a productive way, either...) :P

Tony Noms - the HAPPY :)
  • Needless to say, I was ECSTATIC with the MEMPHIS noms, I can't even tell you! Best Musical, Best Score, Best Book, Lead Actor (YAY Chad!!), Lead Actress (YAY Montego!), Best Direction, Best Costume Design, and Best Orchestrations! WOOO!

  • Was BEYOND thrilled see that Jon Michael Hill (who was one of my personal favorite performances of last year) get a Featured Actor in a Play nomination for his INCREDIBLE work in "Superior Donuts!" I wasn't quite sure the nominating committee would remember his OUTSTANDING work, but I'm SO thankful that they did!

  • Douglas Hodge - SOOOO incredibly deserving - truly one of THE BEST performances I've seen this year! His portrayal of Albin was hilarious, touching, just AMAZING. He brings SUCH dignity and warmth to the character... I absolutely ADORED his performance!!

  • The AMAZINGLY talented Levi Kreis!! His nomination for Featured Actor in a Musical truly made my morning! As a musician, Levi is probably one of the most dynamic pianists I have ever seen. Just. Amazing. And his portrayal of Jerry Lee Lewis was SOOO incredibly deserving of the nomination!! I adore the entire Million Dollar Quartet cast, but really,... Levi stands out of the crowd for his stage presence, his musical talent, and his acting. AND, reading his reactions to the nomination had to be one of the sweetest, most humble things I have ever read!
Tony Noms - the SAD :(
  • I suppose I couldn't have it both ways, but I am saddened at the omission of Santino Fontana who was marvelous as Stanley in the VERY short-lived "Brighton Beach Memoirs". He did get a Drama Desk Nom, though (when Jon Michael Hill did not...) so I guess that is something.

  • Kinda sad in general that "Brighton Beach" didn't get ANY Tony Nominations... Yes, I realize that it was only open for maybe a few weeks (in previews for much longer, but open, I think only a couple of weeks) but it is still one of the best plays I've seen this season. (And yes, maybe it's just my Neil Simon geekiness showing...) But really, Jessica Hecht was incredible as was Dennis Boutsikaris... sadly probably not enough of the nominating committee saw it before it closed. :( Glad Jessica Hecht got a nomination for "A View from the Bridge," but her work in "Brighton Beach" was really outstanding as well.

  • Sergio Trujillo... MEMPHIS has some of the best dancing/choreography on stage and I was saddened that he didn't get a Tony nomination for his incredible work. :(

The Lucille Lortel Awards -

I LOVE Off-Broadway shows... sometimes I think more than the shows ON Broadway... but that's because I feel they can be more fearless and can take more chances - which I love. So the Lortels were AMAZING for me to follow because I'd seen (and LOVED) so many things Off-Broadway this season.

  • Orphans' Home Cycle - if you follow me on Twitter or are a FB friend, you've probably already gotten sick me talking about it, but this was probably one of the best things I saw all trip... It's basically a series of NINE one-act plays telling the story of a young man (Horace). It is told in three parts, each part with three one hour acts. It's Horton Foote's masterpiece, and probably nine of the most amazing hours I've spent in the theatre this year. I love other shows, but this was just... jaw-dropping amazing! Could not have been happier that it won Outstanding Play at the Lortels.

  • Scottsboro Boys - another AMAZING show that I saw in NYC this past trip! Told in minstrel style, I wasn't sure how moved I would be by the story... but I was IN TEARS by the end - the performances were SO poignant and moving - and the last scene, when I realized what it was... gave me goose bumps! I was thrilled that it won a Lortel for Outstanding Musical!

  • SOO happy that Michael Urie won a Lortel for his performance as Rudi Gernreich in "The Temperamentals" - having seen the show twice while I was in NY, I was really able to appreciate his subtle performance. Very happy that he won a Lortel. :)

SOOO looking forward to seeing how the Tonys pan out this year. Coincidentally and rather unfortunately, Mark & I will be in NYC during Tony time (just for the weekend - hubby's birthday gift/trip - planned a really long time ago...) but we've already planned all our shows and we're actually seeing something off-broadway that night (so we won't even be able to watch it live on TV and will have to DVR it back at home and watch it MUCH later...) :( In any case, I'm VERY excited about award season this year... SO many great shows and SO many great performances!!
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