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06 June 2010 @ 11:49 am
YELLOW by Del Shores or... THE BEST play I've seen this year!  
On Sunday night of my LA trip, I went to see the second preview performance of Yellow the new play by Del Shores (who wrote Sordid Lives, Southern Baptist Sissies, etc...) I'd always been a fan of his work so I was thrilled when I heard that he had written another play and that I would be in town to see the previews!!

It was... in a word... STUNNING! I love so many shows, but there are VERY few that I would consider to be among the best theatre experiences of my life... Only a couple come to mind: Trying at the Colony Theatre in 2008, the one night only concert version of Assassins at Reprise in 2003,... and THIS.

The play centers around a loving family (the Westmorelands) whose perfect lives come crashing down on them when tragedy hits the family. My synopsis seems simplistic, but really the beauty of the piece is in Del Shores' writing and creating a family that we can all relate to who we immediately like and root for and even in their bad moments, we see them as only being human. Shores creates a world SO realistic and characters that are SO well drawn that we truly begin to care for them and it really allows the play to take us on an incredible emotional journey. VERY few plays I've seen recently have been able to do that.

The cast was OUTSTANDING! The writing was superb, hilarious at times, heartbreaking at others, but always SO incredibly heartfelt and touching! As I've said before, I never cry during sad moments, I usually cry during touching moments... and I was IN TEARS by the end of the show. Not teary eyed,... IN TEARS (as in streaming down my face!!) The performances and the writing were just SO endearing that I couldn't help but feel for all the characters in the show. (There was actually a woman sitting behind me who sobbed out loud between scenes! The men sitting around me were sniffling and blowing their noses between scenes... It was THAT MOVING...)

And because I can't think of a better way to explain it, I have to use my words from a LJ entry in 2008 I wrote after seeing TRYING at the Colony Theatre: "There's something completely magical about sitting together in a theatre full of strangers and beginning to feel (during the course of the show) that you are all starting to connect on some other level because your emotional journey is the same as those around you... The gasps... the tears... the laughter... And when the actors feed off of that energy from the audience,... it becomes magical..." It's shows like YELLOW that remind me WHY I love live theatre so much and why I will travel thousands of miles to see shows...

If you are anywhere in the LA vicinity, I HIGHLY urge you to see this amazing show! I have not seen anything - since TRYING at Colony Theatre - that has been as moving or as heartfelt!!
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Sarah: [Bway] // Hairmisswritten on June 6th, 2010 10:03 pm (UTC)
That sounds like a really interesting show! I lovelovelove when theatre makes me cry. Like Yank, Next Fall, the very first time I saw Next to Normal, and the first time I saw Jess as Diana in Next to Normal... I was a wreck. It makes me appreciate the show so much more. Oh, and Hair. That killed me two of the three times I saw it.

But sadly I am nowhere near LA lol. Glad you got to see it =)
Sheri: Jason - ACLshutterbug93 on June 7th, 2010 06:36 am (UTC)
It was an AMAZING show! I love Del Shores... he's SUCH a talented playwright! And VERY few shows have made me cry like this one has, but I love when they can get to me like that, too! Ah! I wish I'd seen YANK! It sounds SO incredible! :)