Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

My 2010 Tony thoughts...

First of all,... Mark & I are in the city, but had planned to see "Burnt Part Boys" during the Tonys, but we ended up just heading to Times Square to check out the Tony excitement there. We got to take pictures on the fake red carpet and got to see the jumbo tron... But when it started to rain, we decided to pick up some food and head back to the apt to watch the Tonys from the room.

Here are my quick impressions of the awards (a little disjointed as they were being written as they happened...):

OPENING NUMBER - Levi Kreis & Sean Hayes on the piano together... TOO cute! Chad's Huey announcing the nominated musicals was hysterical! ("La Cage aux Folles... Which is hard to say with a Tennessee accent!" HA!) La Cage having the Cagelles open the show with "We Are What We Are" was perfect! :) LOVE them!! :) But how did the wonderful casts get only a couple minutes to showcase their amazing shows and Green Day got TWO songs? Not sure...

MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET - HOLY sound problems! Yikes! :( Poor Eddie's mic went out halfway through his portion of the song. Levi is amazing, though and sounded great! Like that they did two short numbers AND allowed Hunter to appear as Sam Phillips in between the two songs.

LA CAGE - LOVED Douglas Hodge going into the audience and zoning in on Matt Morrison! :) Liked that they performed "Best of Times" - and that the Cagelles came in through the audience to perform. Just a WONDERFUL, wonderful show... LOVE them!

Sad, so sad about Jon Michael Hill... :(

KATIE FINNERAN - SO lovely, I loved her heartfelt speech.

MEMPHIS - My first thought was why is everyone wearing their street costumes and not their finale costumes since I knew they were singing "Steal Your Rock & Roll", but then they added "Radio" choreography to "Steal Your Rock & Roll" - VERY neat! Kind of a big kick in the teeth to those who felt they shouldn't have gotten nominated for choreography. Hope people everywhere watched it and went, "WTH? Why didn't they?"

How sweet was it to see Kelsey Grammer & David Hyde Pierce together again? I LOVED that David commended Kelsey's performance in La Cage. It was a serious AWWWWW moment! :)

LEVI KREIS!!! - SOOOO happy for his win! Loved his humble speech... He's simply AMAZING! One of the most talented musicians I have EVER seen on stage! And how sweet is he? He said he didn't remember his speech at all, all he remembers is walking toward Sean Hayes... SO sweet.

Sad... SO sad... that Montego didn't win. :( :( You don't even know... :(

DOUGLAS HODGE - If Chad couldn't win, I LOVED that Douglas Hodge won it. He is one of the most gracious, kind, and funny people I have seen and his performance as Albin is phenomenal!! His speech was wonderful! I LOVED his, "If you want to see a Democrat kissing a Republican, come to the Longacre Theatre." Best one liner of the evening!! Could not love this man more!!

MEMPHIS - Hock-a-freaking-doo!! SOOOO happy for them! Seeing them jumping around after just having talked to them last night and seeing how much this means to all of them made me teary!!

One last thing... I love Tony night, but what I hate is the bashing that is now going on various FB pages, etc. about the actors / shows who won instead of their favorites. I'm sad that Chad & Montego didn't win too, but to post mean things about the people who did win is just... not cool. Sorry... I can't go to the MEMPHIS page anymore because of it...
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