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Less depressing entry, coming right up!

First of all, I just want to say that I have THE MOST amazing LJ friends around. Truly. HUGS and love to you all!! ♥

Secondly, I realize that my LJ has become just a receptacle for my theatre posts and rants (which I apologize for!) The last time I wrote a personal, non-theatre related entry was... I can't even remember when (before my last one, obviously). But I plan to try to change that since my life is more than the trips that I take and the shows that I see (not much, but you know...) ;)

On Thursday, I was visited by a dear friend of mine from Sacramento, who I haven't seen since his wedding last year. I adore him and I think I'm telling our Sacramento office that we've decided to keep him and don't want to send him back! :D He and I had a GREAT lunch and caught up on everything in our lives. Once in a while it's SO lovely to just be able to sit with a good friend and be completely candid about everything.

Mark & I have also been on a serious Japanese food kick... We went to Shirokiya at our local mall and spent a bunch of money on musubis, veggie croquettes, and tsukudani. Every once in a while we'll get on these kicks and have to eat good Japanese food (usually it's just after we get back from NYC...) ;)

And I bought a squeaky toy home for Cooper from NYC that didn't last a day in our house... I'm glad that Cooper likes it, but sheesh... I sometimes wish his toys would last longer than 24 hrs. :)

He carried it with him all over the house and wouldn't put it down!

Here's a weird action shot of him jumping back on the bed with
the toy in his mouth. It's a little out of focus, but I
thought it was hysterical. :)

On the theatre front... I am SOOO excited to see "1776" at Musical Theatre West! I was excited enough to learn that Steve and Tami were cast as John and Abigail Adams, but Todd Nielsen as Thomson (my favorite unsung hero!), Damon as Lyman Hall (WOW!), Robert Townsend as Rutledge... I am in serious musical theatre heaven. And to top it off, the production is directed by Nick... how amazing is that? My favorite musical of all time staged in a great venue, with an extraordinary cast and brilliant direction - how could I not be completely excited? :)

After 1776, I'm driving down to San Diego that evening to see Bets as Ado Annie in Moonlight Amphitheatre's "Oklahoma!" so it should be an incredibly exciting trip! :) I can't wait for July!

Once again, I wanted to thank you all so much for being such wonderful friends!! I really do have the best LJ friends around. Big HUGS to everyone!! ♥
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