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Just got back from a dinner for work...

My boss took one of our branches out to dinner as sort of a thank you - seminar/training at a nice restaurant in Waikiki. The food was great (the Prawn appetizer was especially delicious!), the company was great and it was nice to relax and see everyone's personality outside of work. :) And since the branch we were hosting was one that we're not physically in most of the time, it was nice to get to know the workers who we had previously only spoken to on the phone. :) Three of the girls there were on the Atkinson's diet and gave away all their mashed potatoes, croutons, and dessert. :( Poor things - but lucky for the people who had the good fortune to sit next to them! ;)

And yay! I'm finally packed for my trip! :) It may have taken me all night, but I think I may be finally ready to go tomorrow. :)

Mark's still feeling under the weather. :( I hate to leave him when he's feeling sick - I certainly hope that he relaxes this weekend and takes some time off to recuperate. Maybe me NOT being home this weekend is a good thing - this way at least he'll be able to relax in peace. ;)

And apparently winners were chosen in the bank's art contest that niwrad2180 and I entered a few weeks ago - but the weird thing is that no one was notified. :P The entries are displayed at our main branch, and the person who found out she won a few categories only found out because she saw her work displayed with ribbons on them. No one else knew the results. I really think I don't have too much of a chance (I heard the turnout was really great for the contest), but it would be nice to know that I didn't win as opposed to wondering. :P It's a little frustrating... :P

And Chad Brannon's event in LA was tonight. I saw some photos that were posted online from the event and they looked great. :) Chad looks a lot thinner than he did before and - I don't know, younger for some reason. :P I'm so happy for gigglets and all the hard work she put into planning the event! :) And I can't wait to see her, hopefully on Saturday night for Kevin's concert. :)

Hope you all have a nice weekend, I'll be back on Monday. :) Take care and *big hugs* to you all. :)
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