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A Quick Thank You to All!

Thank you all so much for all of your good wishes for Cooper last night!! This morning he was still not himself at all and even when Mark came home from work he mentioned that Cooper looked lethargic and uninterested in anything to do with his toys or even food...

Still, this evening we fed him his prescription dog food and waited... and waited... and thankfully the evening has been VERY uneventful (unlike last night...) Cooper seems to have gotten back some of his spunk and even brought a toy to me about a half hour ago - which makes us both VERY happy! :)

We still have not found the toy hedgehog's nose... and we're beginning to suspect that we won't,... but we're SO thankful that what at first seemed to be an obstruction, looks like was just a VERY upset stomach.

Thanks so much, everyone for your good thoughts. Cooper is my baby and I don't know what I'd do if anything bad ever happened to him... Heading off to bed right now,... it was an awfully long night last night. Thanks so much again! Big HUGS to everyone! :)
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