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...I promised myself that I would be better about tending to my LJ this month... Which doesn't only mean updating, but also about commenting on all of your entries. I've had a LJ for about 8 years now and I can honestly say that I've met some of the most wonderful people here. Some of them have sadly moved on, but a few of them are still here, but don't update too much... I just wanted to say that I miss you all!! ♥

Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday so Mark & I are taking her to Cafe Kaila for breakfast since that's her favorite meal of the day. She's excited and promises not to eat anything before we pick her up (because she wakes up SO early sometimes she'll get so hungry that she'll eat toast or drink coffee before we go out for breakfast causing her to not have an appetite when we eat...) Silly woman has to wait until we get there this time. :D We've told her, and she's promised. ;)

Because her gift this year was our trip to NYC in January (kind of combined her birthday and mine, really...) I got her a photo book of our NYC trip. She is kind of old fashioned and loves to SEE her photos printed out (and not on a computer) so we made her a travel book of photos from the NYC trip. Hope she likes it. :)

On another note, we're happy to report that Cooper is 100% again and back to his old ill-behaved self. ;) I swear, when he was ill, I just wanted him to do something bad, like lick my phone... just once. ;) Now I know he's better because I just picked up my phone and found a HUGE Cooper tongue mark. :D But, you know,... I couldn't be happier about it. ;)

Finally, my Mom keeps asking me if I watch "So You Think You Can Dance?" Which I always tell her that I don't. Apparently my cousin's son on my Dad's side (which, I admit we don't know that side too well) is and has been on the show... Mark Kanemura? Not sure. My Aunt Mildred's married name is Kanemura and I believe it's her grandson (my Dad's side of the family is SO much older than I am... my Aunts are the age of most people's grandparents... which is why I don't know that side of the family too well.) I hear people talking about him, but I've NEVER met him. Apparently we're related, though. *SHRUGS*

Off to watch "Middlemarch" on YouTube... I swear,... at first it was seeing the young & handsome Doug Hodge from 1994 that got me to start watching it... but it's actually a pretty good show and I've been hooked. :) I must admit... Mr. Hodge is an extremely good actor, even back then. And wow... Episode 5... be still my heart.
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