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Cupcakes... from Cake Couture

This past weekend Mark and I decided to try Cake Couture in the Aina Haina Shopping Center. I realized recently that I never did search locally for cupcakes and we kind of wanted to see how they compared to ones we've tried on the mainland... We'd heard a bunch about Cake Couture and decided to give them a try.

My apologies to those on FB for the cross posting!

This was the Black & White - which I REALLY wanted to try.
It was SO pretty and the frosting was just delicious, but the cupcake itself
was just an ordinary chocolate cupcake.

The Red Velvet was a MUST for me (I have a serious red velvet addiction!)
And though it was good (the cupcake itself was really tasty...)
I much preferred the one at Liliha Bakery I had a couple months back.
It was much more moist and really went well with the frosting...

Chocolate on chocolate! How could you go wrong? And it was great!
The frosting especially!

Finally the Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcake - which was much more moist
than the others.

One of the few that we didn't try was the lemon (pictured above)
though it looked REALLY good! :)

Look at all that red velvet! The one thing that was lovely was their
display cases! They had SUCH a pretty presentation!

All in all a very good cupcake experience! :) Though I have to say, once you've eaten a Crumbs cupcake, it's really hard to compare!
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