Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

Still in NYC...

WOW! I just realized that it has been two months since I've updated LJ! :( I have been reading (though not commenting - my sincere apologies there!!) during that time and have tried to compose entries, but SOOO much has happened since then, I don't think I'll ever be able to catch up. That being said, I promise to be much better about this and comment more on your entries and actually write a few of my own.

So... a few things that have been happening since the last time I wrote...

  • Just found out this morning through FB that a dear friend and co-worker passed away this past week. VERY sad since she was still quite young and I'd just seen her a few months ago. What makes me even sadder, of course, is that her memorial service was last night and I'm HERE (in NY) and unable to attend. :( I will have to send a card and some flowers when I get home.

  • Work is just in shambles... not to give too much away, but let's just say that there have been further changes, of which I will have to examine my future with my company...

  • As mentioned above... I'm in NYC. :) I've been here a week already and have seen some fabulous shows! So far I've seen 22 (yes,... nuts!) but this is my NYMF trip and I'm basically just spending my time theatre-hopping. Of all the shows that I've seen on this trip, though... a few stand out in my mind: Tigers Be Still, Things As They Are, Time Stands Still, and Angels in America.

    • Tigers Be Still - Not sure if it's because I went into this show not knowing or expecting anything, but it was seriously THE BEST thing I think I saw so far on this trip! I saw this VERY early on... possibly my second day in the city and I have still not seen anything that has affected or moved me more. It's a cute story about a very dysfunctional group of people... Sherry - who is an art-therapist (but who might need some counseling herself), her clinically depressed sister, Grace who is not dealing well with the break up with her fiance, Zach - a disturbed teenager, and his father - who are both not dealing well with the loss of their mother & wife, respectively. What might seem like a really depressing story was actually SO HEARTFELT and amazing. I had never heard of any of the actors before, but they were all superb in their roles. The story itself was just SOOO moving and personal and oddly uplifting for such depressing subject matter. I absolutely CRIED my eyes out at the end because it was SOOOOO incredibly touching. Seriously, it was such a small production, but one of the (if not the best) things I've seen so far on this trip.

    • Things As They Are - this was the first fully staged NYMF production I saw and it was INCREDIBLE. It was about the life of Dorothea Lange - who I studied in school at Brooks and have always admired for her convictions. She was the first outside photographer to photograph the Japanese-American evacuation and relocation camps... Sadly she was banned by the government for her stark, frank photos and her photos and negatives were taken away from her. The show had a lovely, heartfelt score, used the screen above wonderfully to display the photos that she'd taken and told a story very fitting of such heroic woman. LOVED it.

    • Time Stand Still - Loved this play! The entire cast was completely amazing, but the performance that stood out to me the most was Brian d'Arcy James. He's simply amazing (and SOOOO incredibly attractive, but I'm going off the subject here...) He's just an INCREDIBLY gifted actor. And he's wonderful in this as boyfriend / partner / husband James - who helps to put Sarah's (Laura Linney) life back together after she is seriously injured on a photojournalism assignment in the Middle-East. It's about their relationship, how it grows and stagnates in the months that she is home, her need for the rush of the excitement of her job, and his need to finally want a normal life. It was heartbreaking and beautiful and real...

    • Angels in America - What can I say? I was mesmerized from start to finish by this incredible piece. It was gritty and raw and just amazing. The cast... OMG... the cast alone is reason to see this! Christian Borle was phenomenal as Prior, Bill Heck (is gorgeous, but that's getting off track...) was amazing as Joe, and Zach Quinto (though I've never been a fan of his prior to this) was incredible as Louis. This was just a remarkable production!!

  • I've seen other shows on this trip, but these were the ones that stood out in my mind as being the best that I've seen so far. Still yet to see: Brief Encounter, Driving Miss Daisy, Women on the Verge, Scottsboro Boys, and AHHHHH! La Cage (WITH Douglas Hodge finally back from vacation!) :) SOOO looking forward to all of them!

  • Nicest moments so far in NYC have included: seeing lovely friends, wonderfully memorable moments holding Kristin Chenoweth's line for Sam at the Flea Market :D, meeting great folks in the AIA cancellation line, seeing how sweet some celebrities are (e.g. Dan Lauria, T.R. Knight, Patrick Stewart, etc...) and having Jay Alan Zimmerman ask me if I was deaf after I had a brief conversation with him in sign language. :)

    I still have a week left here in the city and I will try my hardest to update a bit more (and to keep up with all of your entries!) Hope you all are having a nice week!! HUGS!
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