Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

So, my one consolidated Tony Award Reaction post

Sorry if it seems a bit disjointed as I was typing as I watching the telecast. :)

  • So... Neil Patrick Harris' opening number - Very funny, but... yikes! Brooke Shields needed her cue card... :/ Loved Bobby Cannavale's bleep, and the Spiderman joke.

  • Scottsboro Boys performance - Gawd.... I miss this show SO much!! Since seeing it at the Vineyard back in April, I've loved this show. SO glad they got to perform! SO nice to see the cast back together again, I actually got teary watching them perform! Love, love, love...

  • Nikki James - what a touching acceptance speech! I was surprised that she won, but so happy for her! And she's so lovely! Loved her bumblebee story!

  • Hugh Jackman & Neil Patrick Harris in their dueling Tony Hosts number was terrific! I loved them singing "Any Show You Can Host" with a moment of ACL choreography was great. :)

  • People are ambivalent about John Larroquette's win, but I really do think he was great in "How to Succeed."

  • Loved Victoria Clark's standing ovation after the cast of Sister Act performed "Raise Your Voice". Sad that the whole cast was not featured (e.g. no Fred Applegate... Why??)

  • WAR HORSE... hell yes! Just an amazingly gorgeous production! I haven't seen anything more beautiful. When I saw it, the lady next to me summed it up perfectly, "I just feel SO priviledged to be in the audience to experience this!" I was in tears from the beginning scene to the curtain call.

  • Not a popular opinion, I'm sure, but not really caring for the song that PRISCILLA chose to sing. Yes, it was a good song to highlight the entire cast, but not the leads. We saw Nick, Will, and Tony for... like what? 5 seconds? Not enough. How about a song that featured everyone? Like "I Will Survive?" or "Color My World?"

  • Hell, yes!! Mark Rylance! And he quoted Louis Jenkins again in his acceptance speech! Some people in the audience, I could tell, didn't get it, but I loved it. Genius.

Finally, it was an enjoyable awards show... and one thing's clear in my mind: Neil Patrick Harris must always host it! ;)

And you can look here to see how off my predictions were... Updated with the winners.

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