Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

My Favorite Theatre Moments of 2013

I know I have been HORRIBLE about keeping up with LJ, but I did want to recap my favorite theatre experiences of the year. These were chosen not because they were the best shows of the year, nor are these the ones that have gotten the most recognition (though they all got EXCELLENT reviews...), but these are the moments that I've experienced in the theatre this year that have affected me greatly and will stay with me for a VERY LONG time.

My Favorite Theatre Moments of 2013

  • Thomas Sadoski reprising his role as Greg in "Reasons to be Happy" at UCLA in Dec, 2013

  • Thomas' performance was incredibly heartbreaking, SO hilarious, and just AMAZING to see! He'd become a favorite stage actor of mine after seeing his performance in the original "Reasons to be Pretty" production on Broadway in 2008, but the sequel gave him SO MUCH great material, that the moment that he opened his mouth and the production began, I knew that the trip out to see his performance was completely worth it! Of course, I love him in THE NEWSROOM, but I truly feel he belongs on the stage -- and seeing his performance that night was further proof of that! I also loved the staged reading format of the show, it allowed us to see his raw talent without any distractions, which I really appreciated. It made the performance more personal and intimate, in a way. His was the best performance I'd seen all year,... and possibly one of the best OF ALL TIME.

  • Matilda --- Just... EVERYTHING!

  • From the FABULOUS performance of Bertie Carvel, to the EVEN MORE FABULOUS performance of Chris Hoch as Trunchbull, to Gabe & Lesli, to the four original Matildas who have definitely captured my heart with their amazing performances, this show has been my favorite broadway show this year. There is something about the heart of this show that I can't describe, but no matter how many times I see it, I will always tear up when Matilda & Miss Honey cartwheel off the stage together. <3

  • Seeing Doug as Willy Wonka in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory on the West End

  • It was just LOVELY seeing him in such a lavish production! His Pure Imagination and Simply Second Nature were just heart-stopping! And of course, it was ALWAYS wonderful seeing Doug and sharing in his warm humor, meeting A, and seeing Charlie grow almost a foot between my two visits! :)

  • Seeing Bets Malone & Robert Townsend in "Next to Normal" in La Mirada

  • Bets Malone & Robert Townsend's performances in "Next to Normal" at La Mirada were clearly two of my favorites of the year. Not only were they heartbreaking and REAL, but as I've said before, I saw the show previously in NYC and not once did I feel as connected or affected by the show as I did with the cast. SUCH INCREDIBLE performances that will stay with me for a VERY long time!

Here's to a 2014 filled with as many, if not more, wonderful theatre experiences! :)

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