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I can't believe I can't find a decent winter coat... the entire state of Hawaii! :( Okay, I guess that was pretty lame of me to spend my entire lunch hour today searching for a winter coat for my NY trip... I went to five stores,...FIVE! And through it all, no coat... :( The girl at Macy's looked at me like I was nuts, "We sent all our winter clothes back to the mainland...we just got our Spring shipment in..." ARGH! Spring? It's still January for pete's sake! :( The girl at Gap told me that I should've come in back in November when all the winter clothes were in stock. It's too warm right now to sell winter clothes, she told me... :( Not in NY it's not! Don't they think people travel?

So, I'm still coat-less and it's eighty degrees here, and I feel like a fool asking for winter clothes, but off I go tomorrow to some outlet stores by my house to see a different set of clerks look at me like I've lost it... :(
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