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So I don't do so well with change... :P

...I converted my LJ settings back to the old one since I don't deal too well with technology change (it took months for Mark to convince me to upgrade my Photoshop) :P One day I may get adventurous and change it back to the new look, but for now, I like the comfort of the old design. ;)

I wanted to apologize if I've been bad about commenting recently. :( I haven't been able to get on the internet as much as I would've liked to due to my really weird sleep schedule the past few days. I actually fell asleep before 8pm last night which is usually pretty unheard of for me (but I've done it twice now in two weeks...) :P I think we'll all be glad when this bus strike is over, but unfortunately it doesn't look like it'll be coming to a resolution any time soon. :(

Been listening to "Assassins" a lot recently on my long drive to and from work. I've always loved the cast recording, but I think I've truly become addicted to it. It's got to be one of Sondheim's better works. AND Reprise! finally put up some info on their web site about it.(It's about darn time, I say...) What a stellar cast - it's going to be a fabulous show! :) I can't wait. :)

And I just realized that it's been exactly two years since the first time I saw Kevin on stage. It was the opening night of 1776 and Pat (gigglets) and I had no idea what we were in for. We were there to see Chad Brannon and only Chad - but during the second act, when Kevin sang "Molasses to Rum" - my heart literally stopped for a few moments and at the opening night party all I could think about was how incredible Kevin's performance was. Kevin actually walked past us that night to get some food off of a table that we were standing around. I remember being so in awe that I actually gasped out to Pat and Laura, "That's the guy who played Rutledge...he was amazing!" I think he heard me because he turned around but I was too speechless to say anything to him and just stood there looking at him like an idiot. He smiled at us and then walked back to the group that he was talking to. What a dork he must've thought I was! Luckily Pat & I saw him in several more shows that week and I eventually got the courage to speak coherently with him to tell him how wonderful I thought he was. And really - my life has never been the same since and it's all due, in part, to this day and the eventual creation and maintenance of his site. :)
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