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Friendster, Sushi heaven, priceline stinks, and my upcoming LA trip :)

So I finally got around to joining friendster this morning. :) Thanks niwrad2180 for being so patient with me while I hemmed and hawed over the possibility of joining for the past two weeks or so. :) And thanks to careleswhisper for friending me - at least now I won't feel so lonely out there. :)

This weekend I plan to work on another re-design attempt for Kevin's site (UGH - the 92 pages of his site make it SUCH an awful task sometimes to think about...) :P and Mark & I will probably head out to Catch of the Day for dinner tonight. :) Catch of the Day is a really great sushi bar - where you can choose from various types of custom made sushi that float around to you on a little boat, around the restaurant. What I like about it is that there isn't only sushi, but some gyoza and tempura, too - since I'm not a huge fan of raw fish.. :P We haven't been there for a while, so I'm really looking forward to it. :)

I finally got a rental car for our trip next weekend. $27.95 a day! :( I've never had to pay that much for a rental car before. :( I ended up having to rent it through hotwire since priceline rejected my offer last night of $20 a day for an economy car. :( And because I'd have to wait another week before I tried again (and we leave on Friday night) I knew I had to rent it through hotwire. :( Oh well, I guess as long as we HAVE a car, I'm happy. :)

The group that's going to be at "Assassins" is turning out to be really great! :) Tina & Sue (two other Kevin fans will be there) as well as Marina and a friend who has never seen Kevin on stage before. It should be a lot of fun. :) I also bought tickets to see Nick's "Laramie Project" at Laguna Playhouse for Sunday night (hopefully he'll be there - though I doubt it since opening night is the night before and I KNOW he'll be there for that show...) and still trying to see if I can get tickets for "Babes In Arms" with Reprise! and something else for Saturday evening. I'm still debating on the last show...

The 2003 LA Ovation Award nominees (which are like the West Coast Tony Awards) are being announced on September 16th. I'm excited to hear the nominees, only because of the possibility of Misty getting nominated - Julie Jackson, I know, hasn't done any shows this year (since she's been a very busy new Mom) and Kevin hasn't done a single Ovation eligible show this year either. :( He's only done concert versions and special one night only benefits, concerts, and "Carousel" at Cabrillo - which, unfortunately isn't an LA Theatre Alliance and Ovation qualifying theatre. :(

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