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UGH...Okay, so I guess now I have...

..."Sales Manager Anxiety"... :P My meeting with my sales manager today was just awful. It wasn't a meeting at all, what he did when he got there was tell me to present a product to him as if he was a client. It was a sort of "pop quiz" that I didn't appreciate. He wanted to make sure I was giving all the right disclosures, and asking all the right profiling questions, etc. And it's bad enough that he intimidates me to begin with, but to act like he was Joe Schmo customer (and not my manager with 12 plus years of experience as the number one rep in our company) was just too much. I lost track of my presentation several times and it was just awful... :P

When I was done he said that at least now he has an idea of where I was - sales wise (and he didn't say it, but I bet that he was thinking that's why my numbers were so low...) So I told him that I thought it was an unfair representation of my sales ability and that no matter how much he told me to pretend he was an average client, I'm human - I'm going to get intimidated because he's my boss. :( Besides, I haven't been on the sales side for a few years and getting back to it wasn't the easiest thing for me...

At the very end he told me, "Well, I hope I haven't ruined your day." To which I laughed and said (in the most joking way I could), " might be a little late for that..." Luckily he has a sense of humor and laughed about it. But it's just days like this that make me wonder WHY I work at the bank... :P

End of my work rant - Tuned in to the "Joe Schmo Show" tonight. I had to stop watching it because I started to feel really sorry for Matt - who doesn't know that the reality show he thinks he's on is really fake. It was an interesting premise, but as the show progressed, it started to get a little mean. What I think would be a funny twist is if he caught on to the whole thing during the course of the show and was really playing them all at the end...

My Mom was shocked to find out that our trip was this weekend... Ooops! I guess I forgot to mention exactly when it was. :P She knew we were going, she just wasn't exactly sure when it was. I'm glad she asked about it because I envisioned her calling my cell and asking where I was and when I said, "Laguna" she'd probably keel over. :P

BTW, I wanted to thank you all, your kind replies to my Sydney post earlier made me smile when I got home and really brightened my day after the awful "meeting" thing this afternoon. :P Thanks and *big hugs* to you all! :)
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