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The pep talk I needed...

...After the incident with my sales manager the other day, I went into work with a feeling of dread. As good as his intentions might have been, all the little pop quiz did yesterday was make me feel like an inadequate sales person. So I went in this morning to talk with my immediate boss (who I've been working with for the past 8 years and is more of a friend to me than a boss) about the situation.

He sat me down and gave me a little pep talk. When he was through, he told me that after I left yesterday he called the sales manager and gave him his opinion of the little "exercise" yesterday. I was really touched that he'd go to such lengths to stick up for me. And it was then that I realized why, even if I don't like what I do for a living, that I managed to stay with my job for 8 years.... It's people like my boss who really make my job worth going to. :)

On a non-work related note - I've been terrible about my web sites lately and have been meaning to update Misty and Julie Ann's site for a while, but I never seem to have enough energy after coming home from work these days. :P I'm not sure why I've been so listless these past couple of days, but it's getting to be really annoying since I've been SO unproductive lately. :(

And the only unresolved detail in our trip plans is what to see on Saturday night. :P When I told that to my Mom she told me, "The University of Hawaii vs. USC game!", sorry. :P I don't even go to see them when they're playing in Hawaii. :P I'll probably try to get tickets for "Babes In Arms" at Reprise!, but we'll have to see.
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