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Coming up for air...

...I can't believe I thought that I could complete - what took me initially two years to create - in two days. :P I just got the B&W photos I took of Kevin back from the lab this Friday and I've been working non-stop on incorporating the photos into a new re-design for his site. Tuesday marks the 2nd year anniversary that the site has been online and I wanted to kick of the third year with a new look. (And yes, this is TOTALLY new look - not just a new color scheme like the other attempt...) :P

From the time I got up at 4am yesterday to when I went to sleep at 2:30, I spent virtually all of my time on the computer working on the site. :P The only time that I left the computer was to eat, take a shower, and sleep... My eyes are bleary and if I have to look at one more photo of Kevin.... :P JK, it is enjoyable work - to say the least... ;) For the first time I think I have a design that I'm happy with - hopefully Kevin will like what I've done with it.

But out of the now 100 pages in his site, I think I've only completed about 16... I don't think that I'll be able to finish it by the 24th - but we'll see. I'm sorry if I haven't been around here much lately - I've been trying to complete this re-design and trying to catch up on some other things. I think this is the first time that my email has gone unchecked for days...

Nothing much happening here - Mark spent the entire weekend playing his video games (I guess he was going through video game withdrawal on our trip) and I've been so busy that I haven't even had time to unpack. :P Things should hopefully calm down within the next week or so.

Hope everyone is well... I've missed you all! I'll be better about commenting on your entries once this site stuff is over - I promise!
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