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Sushi bliss and a HUGE favor from those with AOL or Netscape browers...

....I'm in pure and total sushi heaven! Last night Susan and I went to a new sushi place called Kuru Kuru for our monthly dinner. It was one of those places where the sushi rolls out to you on a conveyor belt and you can pick the ones you want to eat. Mark & I usually go to another place in town that has great sushi, but is pretty expensive. This place was great and the prices were so reasonable! :) I ate 5 plates of sushi and ended up paying less than $8 - I told Mark we have to go back this weekend. :)

And I'm finally out from the depths of computer and web madness that I was in the past few days. I've finished Kevin's site, though it took me until 2:30am this morning to complete... :oP I've uploaded the revised site (and I made my deadline - woo hoo!) and here's the link if anyone is interested: Kevin Earley dot Net The photos on the site were the ones he let me take when I saw him at "Assassins". :) I noticed a few minor things that I need to fix when I get home, but all in all it's ready. Any comments, bad or otherwise are welcome - I'm always looking for ways to improve the site and I'm always looking for constructive criticism. I also would like to find out if the borders/boxes render itself properly in different browsers. If anyone uses AOL or any version of Netscape could you let me know if you can see the different colored boxes / borders? I'd really appreciate it. I looked at it in Netscape 7 at home, but I read that earlier versions of Netscape aren't able to see the different colors in the boxes / borders. Thanks so much if you can help.

Lastly, it doesn't even feel like I've only had an hour an a half of sleep last night. Must be some sort of adrenaline rush that's making me feel so refreshed right now - I can't understand why I feel so refreshed and when I sleep for my normal 6 hours, I wake up SO tired... :P I just hope it doesn't all catch up with me this afternoon. :P

I wanted to thank you all for putting up with all my web site talk - it should be over after this. :) Hope everyone is well, I will catch up on journal entries this evening and ... RELAX. :) *hugs* to you all.
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