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My third try at this post...

...I swear LJ hates me tonight! :P

At last! The bus strike here is finally over! :) It made such a huge difference in the traffic this morning and only took me about 50 minutes to get into work. :) I've never been so happy to be stuck behind a bus as I was today! It felt so good to see all the senior citizens get on the bus with their heavy groceries and know that they wouldn't have to walk home.

And the big news here, I guess, is that the "American Idol" auditions are going to be held tomorrow at Aloha Stadium. People were lining up from this morning! I think that's a little crazy, but it's been a while since something really big has come here and I guess people think it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. I guess because I've never seen the show, I'm not realizing the scope of this or why people would take off from work and wait all day in the hot sun for this... It is interesting to hear about though. :)

And I actually went back to Curves today after not working out for almost two months! I took it easy today because I was afraid I'd strain my back again, but it seems to be okay - just to be sure though I tried to avoid that awful machine that I think was the culprit. :P It actually felt good to be back, and I know that I've been neglecting my health recently and I knew that I had to turn it around soon. I go through stages of eating poorly and gaining weight, then being disgusted with myself and focusing on eating better and working out. Hopefully this new attitude of mine will continue. :)

My Mom's still fascinated with the internet and although she says she won't get addicted, I can already see the tell-tale signs of it starting to show. :) Wait until she finds out she can download recipes from Food Network, read about "Oprah" when she's missed a show, and find out more info on "The Amazing Race", just try getting her off the internet then! ;)
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