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...Mark called me after work to tell me some bad news. Apparently, his mother just came back from the doctor and they diagnosed her with early stages of breast cancer. It was actually a blessing that they caught it as early as they did and they scheduled a surgery for her on the 20th (apparently Mark's parents had planned a trip and they will still be taking it next week and couldn't go in for the surgery until the 20th). The procedure is supposed to take place in one day with my Mother-in-law not even having to stay overnight at the hospital.

Mark seems to be doing okay with the news, but then again he doesn't really show his feelings too much. We talked about it tonight, but it didn't seem that he wanted to dwell on it and I hope that when he's ready, we'll talk about it again. I do worry about him, though - he's never had to deal with anyone close to him who's gotten sick before. It always tends to change a person's outlook on life when something like this happens - and I don't want him to go through it alone, but I don't want to be pushy and talk to him about it before he's ready either.

If anyone out there could spare some good wishes and prayers for my Mother-in-law, we'd really appreciate it.
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