Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

Because I'm not only about the sad stuff...

...Forgive me if this post mentions nothing about anything that my family has been going through recently. It isn't that I don't want to talk about it or that I've stopped thinking about it, but I today I chose to post about a different side to my life - the other (somewhat mundane, but still everyday living) things that are going on. I will update everyone once I find out more about my Mother-In-Law or any changes with Mark, though...

Sydney and the vet - Mark & I took Sydney to the vet on Saturday for her long overdue check up. The last time we took Sydney to the vet she had so much stress that it physically made her ill. So Mark & I worried about taking her in this time. Luckily she was a trooper and seemed to be okay - all the way up until we put her on the examining table. :P She tried to jump into my arms several times and so the vet's assistant had to hold her and told me to stand by the door. :( She got her shots, they took some blood and the good news is that she lost 2 pounds! :) The vet was so happy to hear this that she gave Sydney a treat (ironic, huh?). She said that if Sydney lost 2 more pounds, she would be at the ideal weight for her size. I guess we have to go walking more often (maybe then I'll be closer to the ideal weight for my size). :P

Jamba Juice - today after Mark & I went to the market, we decided to head over to the new (relatively new - it opened last year) Jamba Juice in our shopping complex. We'd never tried it before, but had heard a lot about it. Mark ordered the Pina Colada and I ordered the Razzmatazz. It was great and healthy and I think Mark & I have to go back soon and get more. The only thing is that after finishing a regular, I'm too full and can't even think about eating dinner tonight. :P

Joan of Arcadia - I'm loving this show! And not just because of Amber. From the previews and everything that was written about the show, I thought the premise was a bit silly, but the show itself doesn't play out that way at all. It has a dark side to it and Amber is so wonderful - as always. Leaving GH was the best thing she did (Ooops, did I say that out loud?) ;) It's just such a fabulous show.

Yahoo Groups - And I spent the afternoon joining a few Yahoo Discussion Groups that I found for "Line of Fire" (Julie Ann's new TV series), "Taken" (because Julie Ann was in it), and "Enjolras" (because many of them talk about Kevin) and as I rooted around some of the communities I found that there were a lot of scary people that hang around there - especially in the sci-fi communities. :P

Hope everyone has a nice week.
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