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Finally a three day weekend...

...and it really couldn't have come at a better time! I'm not quite sure what it was about this week that made it feel so darn long. :P

Tomorrow one of my internet friends who I've known for over two years (but have never met) will be in Hawaii for a convention. Mark & I are planning to meet her for dinner tomorrow night. :) Unfortunately with her convention plans, that's the only free time she'll have, but it'll be nice to finally get to meet her after all these years! :)

Mark has to work on Monday :( and I have the day off so chances are that I'll be stuck in front of my computer doing something web-related. On a related note - I've been listening to Kevin's CD almost non-stop since receiving it on Wednesday. Chances are great that I'll probably be working on the audio portion of his site this weekend. :)

My co-worker unleashed some news on us today that he was offered another job - one that pays better, has less stress, and is more flexible with hours. Still he's having a hard time deciding if he wants to take it. He needs to decide by Monday, so I guess we'll all find out whether or not he's staying when we go back to work on Tuesday. He's only been with us for a few months, but doesn't like the Admin part of the job (he wants to do sales) - And I keep saying I want to do the Admin stuff - WHY don't they just switch us?? :P

And a good friend of mine in Virginia is getting married tomorrow night. :) I was really sad that Mark & I weren't able to make it to the wedding, but with everything going on at work (and the things that have been happening around here), it just wasn't possible. :( I know her wedding will be beautiful though since she's been planning it for so long and is such a perfectionist. :) I can't wait to see her photos!
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