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Wow...what a week!

Friday was "the other one's" last day of work with us and I planned a HUGE going away celebration before the branch opened. We got her (Okay, it's finally out - "the other one is a HER) a beautiful basket of roses for her desk, a tuberose lei, and I got her a Precious Moments figurine that says, "Who will fill your shoes?" We invited all 75 people in the branch to come down in the morning as we gave her the gifts, cut some cake and wished her well. I think she really appreciated the effort and it was rather nice to give her a memorable send off. I'm going to miss certain aspects of her, I think...maybe just a little. My boss, on the other hand, called me before the end of the day asking me to change the message on the voice mail to take out her name and add the "new one's" name - so there's not too much of a love loss there, it seems...yipes!

Other than that, Mark & I are still eating the leftover cheesecake the wonderful gang at the branch got me for my birthday, still eating the left overs from the wonderful dinner Mark & I had at Palominos (the warm pear bread-pudding we had for dessert was to die for!) and ultimately in need of some serious walking this weekend to work off all the food we've eaten recently.

It's February and officially 11 days until Mark and I are in NY! :) I can't wait! It seems I've been planning this trip forever that I can't believe it's finally almost here!

BTW, Happy Lunar New Year to everyone! :) I usually head to one of the many celebrations in Chinatown with Susan (we walk around the many exhibit tables and buy gau and other really great food) I think we're refraining from it this year, though since I've had entirely too much eating the last few days...

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