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Sydney's just not herself today...

...and Mark & I can't figure out why. :( This morning I noticed she was moving slower, wasn't her perky self and then she didn't eat her food at all and wouldn't eat tonight either. :( She still eats treats, though so I guess I shouldn't be too worried. But she's NOT herself at all, and I can't figure it out. If it continues tomorrow, I'm taking her to the vet. :(

Last night's dinner with Maria (my internet friend from SF) was so nice! We went to Tanaka of Tokyo (a cook-the-food-at-your-table restaurant) and talked about everything from her dogs, to Italy, to Chad, and even Kevin. :) We met on a soap opera actor's message board (Chad Brannon) about 3 years ago and we've never met in person - until last night. Dinner was great and getting to finally meet Maria after all this time was just so nice! :) I haven't watched GH in years, but I guess one thing that I've gotten out of it all is wonderful friends like Maria. :)

And okay so I didn't get a chance to work on clips of Kevin's CD for his site this weekend. :( Instead I spent my time re-designing Julie Ann's site. Yes, I know - I'm never happy with it, but I promise this is the last re-design of her site for a while. :) I think I finally came up with a design that I like. :) The other one I did looked too much like Misty's site, but really didn't work at all for Julie - so hopefully this will be the design I'll be keeping for a while. :) I wanted something a little different that could (possibly) hold it's own once Dave's site for her goes live (which is soon - UGH!)... :P And I'm being bold and trying different things so hopefully it'll look okay in everyone's browser. If your browser does something funky to the graphics, could you let me know? Here it is in case anyone is interested: Julie Ann Emery - My Umpteenth Attempt At Her Site :P Thanks so much!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! :)
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