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Oh, thank heaven...

...we finally found out what was bothering Sydney-dog. She had a case of ticks. :P Mark found a HUGE tick near her butt area this evening and we suspect she picked it up at the vet's office. :( Only once before has Sydney had a problem with ticks and that was when she was about a year old. Now her "moody" behavior and her no appetite makes sense. Thank goodness it wasn't something more serious. Ticks are disgusting, but at least they're not serious. Whew!

Sorry - I have a small rant about ebay. I sell a few things there (old soap magazines, mostly) and I've generally had really good experiences with buyers. But there are a few that DON'T know how to read directions at all... :P My auction says all over the place that the shipping charge I quote is for inside the US only and to email me for shipping quotes outside the US (and my shipping charges are already dirt cheap). I had a buyer this week who sent cash :( and who ended up with a foreign shipping address! GRRR! I'm so fed up (in addition, she never left me a last name to put on my shipping label and I had to email her again to ask...) I'm just going to eat the extra cost of the shipping because I just don't want to have to deal with her. :(

And I found out today that my co-worker decided to take the other job. So we're down to just two again, me and my boss. I'm not sure how long we'll be missing a third person, but we've been down a person in the past and we managed, hopefully things will be okay, especially since we're going into our big conversion next month. :P

And wow - I found a picture of Julie Jackson's daughter Lily from her new movie "Envy". I think Julie sent a link to a version of this photo to me before, but this one is much bigger and easier to see. She's got to be the cutest little girl ever. :)
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