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WHY is this school stuff such a pain?

How do people do it? How can people afford to go to school and better themselves in an economic environment like we have? I'm so frustrated after examining all the possible school choices... :(

First I tried to pursue the second degree route and asked the counselor at the local college if they'd accept my credits from the University to go toward a second degree. Well, of course, they needed a transcript - (which I had a FUN conversation on the phone with someone from my local university who insisted I needed to come in to order one and he couldn't mail me a form - when I work all darn day and they close their office at 3pm...GRR) Then I found out that all the classes I want to take are during the work day so it would be virtually impossible for me to attend them even if I wanted to. :P

The adult ed classes? A waste of my time and money. The classes are too basic and don't cover what I really need to learn for my purposes. :P

I looked into getting a degree online... Possible with my work schedule, except each class costs a little over $1,000 and, I think 60 credits are required... Not unless I win the lottery, I think. :P

And then there are the really great classes at CTA that kananigirl was talking about. They're perfect for my purposes and I can tell by the course outline that it's something I'd really benefit from... But, two things - 1. The classes (short as they may be) are during the day and I'd need to take vacation days from work to attend them (which is not out of the question)... 2. It costs $2,000. *GASP* I'm pretty sure that's something I'd never be able to afford. :(

WHY do they make going back to school so difficult? Shouldn't wanting to better yourself be something good? No wonder so many people just stay at jobs they hate and never aspire to anything else...

I may just be in a self-defeating mood right now, but I FINALLY got the courage to stop complaining about what I do for a living and actually try to do something about it. It was liberating,... for all of ONE day - until reality set in and I realized it wasn't possible. :(

Sorry for the downer of a post, but I guess I'll be working at the bank for the rest of my life. :P If anyone can suggest other options with this school thing, I'm all ears....
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