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A big thank you to everyone...

...who commented below on my school post. I totally appreciate all of your thoughts and words of advice! I always have to say it, but it's true - I have the best darn LJ friends around! :) *big HUGS* to all of you. :)

Regarding this school decision, I decided to have one more look at the CTA classes since they seem to be the most comprehensive and the most practical with my schedule. I'm going to call them again tomorrow morning and inquire about their certification program - true it isn't a degree, but as long as they can provide me with the working knowledge I need, I think I'll be okay... though a second degree would've been a great thing to work toward. :P

Yesterday Mark & I went to a wedding for one of his old friends from the Jaycees. It was nice to see everyone there that we hadn't seen in about three years. The reception was very casual (but very beautiful) and it was so nice to see that our friends from the Jaycees are all beginning to settle down and get married (I think Mark & I were the first of our friends to get married, five years ago...) Surprising too how many of the couples who were there, met and got together through the Jaycees. :) That's how I met Mark, after all... :)

And what am I missing??? I'm not quite sure why the sudden interest in my site for Julie Ann tonight... It's gotten more hits in the past half an hour than it did all of last week. Part of me wonders if I got the "Taken" dates wrong and maybe her episode re-aired on Sci-Fi tonight? TOTALLY weird - something like 40 hits in a half hour, all through search engines... Anyone see "Taken" tonight? Maybe her episode was on... GRR...

Edited to add: I just checked TVguide.Com and the first of Julie's three episodes did air tonight... Can't believe I missed it. :(

This humid weather is ridiculous! It's almost the last week of October and it's been hot and humid beyond belief all day. Mark & I went to the market "just because" today to get out of our sauna of a house. :P I totally wished I lived in an area that actually experienced seasons... or that we could save enough to get an A/C. :P

And lastly, Mark's Mom called from their trip this afternoon. Apparently they're having a nice time in Texas & Arizona and wanted to know what the dessert we ordered when we went to Applebee's was called. They'll be home later this week and I know that things will be hard with her surgery coming up, so it was nice to hear Mark laugh and talk on the phone with her today. :)

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