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My co-worker's last day was yesterday...

...he turned in his letter of resignation and they immediately told him that he needed to return his computer, they took away all his business cards, and made him vacate his desk. :( I guess I'm used to non-sales jobs where you give two weeks notice and then people can prepare for your departure. This was so sudden - and I guess with any sales job it should be - but it didn't feel like we really had a chance to say good-bye to him properly (though my boss & I did take him out to lunch yesterday).

The new girl starts this morning. She's not new to the company, just to our office. Part of me wonders if she'll be able to fit in with our team. From what I've heard, she's very nice, so I'm optimistic - yet we've had SO many people try to fill that desk recently that I can't be too sure anymore. Hopefully it all works out well.

This entry was actually started last night at about 8:30pm, but for some unknown reason - I fell asleep and was unable to finish it last night. :P I've been incredibly tired lately and I can't figure out why. I think I'm falling into that "no exercise" slump again... I'd better get my butt back to Curves soon. :P

And I've been trying to think of an economical Halloween costume for some time now... Working at a bank allows the workers to get into the spirit of occasions like Halloween and it's become a tradition to dress up every year. I'm not really one for dressing up, but I'd feel bad if people in our area did, and I was the only one who didn't. :P Certain rules apply at our bank, however - nothing that would completely cover our face (like masks - we even ask customers to take them off for security reasons), and of course, nothing too revealing. Anyone else dressing up for Halloween? What are you all going to be?
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