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Sometimes inspiration comes in the weirdest places...

...We just got back from a LONG and pretty eye-opening night at the vet's office. Sydney had been having her little "not eating" problems again. :( We thought it might've been another tick, so we'd been searching her for ticks for the past few days - but didn't find a thing. So I scheduled an appointment with the vet for this Thursday because she was completely not herself again. :(

Except that we really started to worry when we got home and we noticed that Sydney wouldn't even eat her favorite treats anymore. :( She was also getting so weak that she was stumbling a lot and almost falling down. We ended up taking her in tonight to another office our vet referred to us that was about a half an hour away and stayed open until 10pm.

It must've been "Sick Sydney" day there because our dog was the third pet with the name Sydney to be admitted that night with an illness (at the same time!) The other two were much worse off than our dog and sitting there, waiting for Sydney's turn with the vet, I was so thankful for our dog's health. One of the Sydney's was a prize-winning Yorkshire Terrier who had eaten a bullfrog and they're weren't sure if she'd make it. :( Her owner was frantic and crying (the breeder of the prize-winning dog was even there yelling at the poor, grief-stricken owner - which I thought was really uncalled for). The other Sydney was a cat who was sedated and going in for some kind of emergency surgery. :( With all of that going on around us, I felt extremely blessed that our dog's problem was just that she hadn't eaten in a few days.

Our Sydney finally got to see the vet at about 9pm. They ran a few blood tests and said that Sydney could be suffering from diabetes, or a condition (I forgot what it was called) that appears in middle aged dogs that causes them to over-produce steroids, or it could be a urinary track infection. They really won't know until tomorrow, but they sent us home with some antibiotics and instructions to feed Sydney her favorite table foods (like boiled chicken and rice).

On the way out of the vet's office, I spoke with the lady who owned the Yorkshire and she was commenting on what a pretty dog our Sydney was and gave me advice on what to feed her when she's sick. It really warmed my heart that in her time of anguish, she could actually take time out to worry about someone else's pet enough to try to help us. I didn't know what to say to her except that I hoped her dog would be okay and that I would be thinking of them.

I was really stunned. I don't think I'll be able to forget this night or the lady who owned the Yorkshire - because as cynical as I was when I went in, I actually left the vet's office with a renewed faith in people. :)

I'm off to hug my dog and get some rest. *HUGS* to you all.
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