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Spent the whole day...

...watching almost the entire first season of "Friends" on DVD (blame that one on Mark, who got me the DVD collection for my birthday), working on Sydney's album (well, it was more like I just kept moving photos to different color printed papers - never really deciding on a color scheme or lay out - yeah, it was TOTALLY unproductive...) and trying to pack for NY (which was about as productive as my album attempt.)

A little side note on "Friends" - I have to say, though that the first season of "Friends" really was my favorite - and my all time favorite episode had to be "The One With The Candy Hearts" - the first Valentine's day episode where Ross sees Carol at Benihana and the girls have that bonfire ritual in their apartment,...hilarious!

Sometimes Mark amazes me - he's one of the only people I know who can sit in the house the entire weekend, do absolutely nothing and still not be bored. I'm the opposite, I have to do something or I'll be upset because I've wasted the day... These past few weekends life without the Jaycees has become an interesting lesson in amusing myself while Mark is busy with his computer or with his video games.

The "new one" starts tomorrow at our office! :) I'm kind of excited to see how we'll all be able to work together. I've only heard great things about "the new one" so that's encouraging. :) He (okay - so the new one is a HE) and I had an interesting conversation on Friday when I called him to ask if he could meet with a wholesaler on the 26th.

Me: "I wanted to check to see if you were free to meet with --- on the 26th..."
Him: "I'll be there so I'll do whatever you guys want me to do."
Me: "Well, I wanted to check to make sure it was okay with you..."
Him: "You guys just tell me what to do and I'll do it."

Whoa...poor guy came from a boss (where "the other one" is going) that was REALLY strict who said things like - "Okay, I'm the General here and you guys are my captains..." The "new one" will soon find out that my boss is very laid back - maybe a little too laid back - and in this office it's a democracy - and not a dictatorship like he's used to where he's from...

Should be an interesting week...

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