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More Sydney news and a HUGE thank you!

Sometimes simply not hearing bad news can be good news in itself. We'd been so accustomed to hearing bad news these past few days that today when we didn't, it made us VERY happy. :) Sydney had her ultrasound today and from what they said, it didn't appear that she had any visible tumors on her liver. They said it was inflamed (and so was her gallbladder) but there weren't any obvious lesions or tumors that they could detect. :) They did make sure to tell us that they needed to examine the ultrasound closer to be sure, but there didn't appear to have overt signs of cancer on the readings. Thank God! I know it isn't really reason to think everything will be fine, but after all the bad news we've had lately, NOT getting bad news today was reason enough for us to celebrate. I'm just so thankful that there's still hope. We're taking Sydney to the vet tomorrow and soon we'll have the results of the test to determine how badly her liver is damaged. So I know she's not out of the woods yet, I think I just feel blessed that we made it this far. :)

I wanted to THANK YOU all for your prayers and your thoughts for Sydney. It truly warms my heart that you all understood what a HUGE part of my life Sydney is and have been so supportive of me throughout all of this. I can't tell you what all your comments have meant to me these past few days. Thank you all so much! Big *HUGS* to every one of you!

BTW, some non-Sydney related news - With everything going on I neglected to mention that I decided to take the plunge and sign up for the web design classes at CTA. They start on November 13 & 14th and I'm really looking forward to them. :)

I'm off to hug my dog. :)

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