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The weekend is over. :P

A short Sydney update - she seems to be doing much better. She still won't eat and getting her fed and giving her the medication each day is a real chore, especially since she's getting stronger and her strong, stubborn personality is coming back. :)

My jury duty was post-poned until Wednesday, so I'll be at work tomorrow. The same thing happened with Mark's jury duty date last week and when he checked on Tuesday night, they had canceled his trial. I'm a little curious to see what jury duty is like so part of me hopes that my trial doesn't get canceled.

Mark's Mom goes in for her surgery on Tuesday so we're all hoping for the best. If it's not one thing, it's another for us recently. :P

In other non-family health related news: Julie Ann's new series "Line of Fire" will premiere on ABC on December 2nd at 10pm! :) It's taking over the "NYPD Blue" time slot when the show goes on hiatus. I'm so excited for her - I can't wait for the show to air, hopefully it'll draw in a good audience and will run for a while. And speaking of Julie Ann, her episodes of "Taken" aired tonight and I have to say that the more I see her on screen, the more she impresses me.

And I finally put up the audio files on Kevin's site. And yes, I took Rayna's advice and didn't make the clips 30 seconds with only the intro in the clips. :) Still pains me that there are so many better clips of his voice (that I can never put up). :P

Hope everyone has a nice week. :)
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