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I'm glad that October is almost over.

Man this was such a bad month, I'll be very happy when October is finally over. :P A little Sydney update - since it's all Mark & I seem to be about recently. Her condition has been up and down over the past couple of days - with her fever going up to 105.something on Thursday. :( The vet changed her medication so we're hoping that will bring her fever down. She's still not eating though she seems to be in good spirits, but the other night the fluid that the vet injected into her side (to prevent her from dehydrating) didn't get absorbed and collected below her rib cage. It must've been painful for her to lie down because when I woke up she was standing next to the bed looking at me, which I thought was odd. Mark later told me that he didn't think she slept at all and that she stood up the entire night. :( Poor dog! She was so tired that when he put her on her side in the morning, she immediately fell asleep.

My email has been acting up recently. :P I received a very important email from Julie Ann the other night two days after she sent it! :P I read that road runner was having problems distributing emails, but that's really bad. Most of my web work contact is through emails and it makes me look really bad when I don't respond to something in a timely manner. :( So, if any of you have sent me an email this week and I didn't respond, I'm not ignoring you, I probably just haven't received it yet. :P

And I decided not to dress up for Halloween this year. :( Yes, I'm a party pooper. But I just don't feel like I'm in the holiday sort of mood this year. I did see some really cute costumes at work, though. One of my co-workers dressed up as a Japanese tourist. She wore a muumuu and a hat, with a lei and a name tag that said, "Aloha Tours, My Name Is..." It was really a cute idea. We also had a gypsy, Cleopatra, and a french maid on the teller line today, not to mention several cowgirls in our loan department upstairs.

This weekend Mark & I plan to take it easy and hopefully try to get some sleep. Neither of us has been sleeping too well lately with everything going on with Sydney and Mark's Mom. Sydney does have another vet appointment tomorrow, so we'll be able to see if the new medication is helping her fever at all.

Lastly, I wanted to send some *HUGS* out to Amanda who's been going through a very difficult time recently. :( Please take care, Amanda - you know Mark & I have been thinking a lot about your family lately. :(
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