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First of all...

...a HUGE thank you to everyone who took my quiz that I posted on Saturday! :) Here are the answers, if anyone is interested:

1. In 1993 I graduated with my bachelor's degree. What was it in?
Photography - I tell ya, I'm waaay out of my element in the bank! :P

2. It's no secret that I don't like my job. What do I do at the bank?
Investment Advisor - Several people thought I was a customer service rep, which is a very good answer since I was one for about two years before getting my current position in the investment department.

3. Everyone has to get this one correct. Who is my favorite musical theatre performer?
Kevin Earley - And every single person got this one right! :) I guess it wasn't too difficult! :)

4. How did I first meet my husband, Mark?
In the Jaycees - It was the ONE good thing that came out of the Jaycees. :) JK, of course! ;)

5. What musical did I first see that started my love of theatre?
A Chorus Line - This was a hard one, even Mark got it wrong. I was 13 and after I saw it, I was through - I was a theatre fan for life...

6. For five years, I lived in California. Where in California did I live?
Santa Barbara - A few people guessed Burbank since I guess I talk about it so much. :)

7. Of all these places listed below where HAVEN'T I worked during my part time days?
McDonald's - yes, I never worked at the golden arches, though I had many friends who did :)

8. What does my husband, Mark do for a living?
Graphic Designer - I guess if everyone knew I liked Kevin and only a few people knew what Mark does for a living, I guess I should talk more about my husband in my future posts! Ooops! ;)

9. Mark & I brought Sydney home on a special day. What was it?
My Dad's birthday - I'm sorry, this was a hard one and if you've read my journal recently "the day we moved into our house" would be a better answer. But I was so depressed on my Dad's birthday one year that Mark took me to the pet store to play with puppies and we ended up bringing Sydney home with us. Only Mark got this one correct.

10. What's special about my Mom & in-laws relationship?
Our Moms lived in the same college dorm - Even Mark got this one wrong!

In other news, Sydney had another good vet appointment today. They were so happy to hear that Sydney started eating on her own that they gave her a stuffed toy as a gift. That was so sweet of them! :) Sydney's been carrying it around the house everywhere and refuses to put it down. :)

And as for my job, I decided that I didn't want my boss to put himself on the line for me. I wouldn't want to hold him back from succeeding at our branch and if my heart isn't in my job, it really isn't fair to him. I'll miss working with him, but I think my decision is the best for everyone involved. :(

Thanks again to everyone who took my quiz! :)
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