Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

LJ friends

I've been going around with such a heavy feeling in my heart recently. Sydney's doing much better and Mark & I couldn't be happier, Mark's Mom is taking it easy and seems to be recovering quite nicely from her surgery, but my heart has been breaking for a friend of mine that is going through a very difficult time these last two weeks. It's true that I've only known her for a relatively short period of time on LJ, but in the short time that I've known her, I've always found her to be a caring and very giving individual. Since a recent event has occurred in her life, however, she's been down and depressed, and being so far away makes me feel almost helpless. I read her entries and I feel for her because in some ways I know a little of what she may be going through and I want to tell her I understand, but it sounds so shallow coming from someone else at a time like this. I just wanted to send big *HUGS* her way and let her know I was thinking of her. And I think she knows who she is. ;)

In other LJ friends news, I was shocked and completely touched to see this when I came home from work yesterday. :) What a sweetheart Carrie is! And not only does it look exactly like Sydney, but Carrie somehow managed to capture the sparkle in Sydney's eyes that I love so much (and was missing for so long while she was sick). Thanks SO much again, Carrie - I totally love your drawing! :)

I'm almost coming up to a year since I've started this LJ account (December will be a year, I think) and I never would've imagined that I would've met so many wonderful people here. It's truly something to be able to share in the lives of others and allow them share in your life as well. I wanted to thank everyone on my friend's list for all the comments and all the advice this past year. You've all been wonderful and I can't imagine how differently (and empty) my life would've been if I hadn't I met you all here. Big *HUGS* to everyone!

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