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16 November 2003 @ 09:32 pm
I had a weird craving for sushi today...  
...so Mark & I headed down to Kuru Kuru. :) Somehow the selection of sushi on the conveyor belt today was exceptionally good (sometimes the choices are pretty bad), and I actually ended up eating six whole plates! :P Needless to say, it'll last me straight until tomorrow morning, there's no need for dinner tonight! :P

This weather's gotten much cooler here and it's wonderful! There's a constant breeze and all the humidity of the past weeks are gone. :) I wish it could stay like this all year round. The only problem is that when it's cool like this all I want to do is cuddle up in bed and sleep. :P It's not very productive weather, I guess. :P

And Sydney must be feeling better. I fell asleep on the floor today and when I woke up, there was a wall of her stuffed toys next to me. She must've brought them all over to me while I was sleeping, hoping that I'd wake up and play with her. :)

The only thing that bothers us is that she's not eating her dog food. :( She apparently has an appetite and will want to eat our food, she just seems to have lost all interest in her food. :( We ended up feeding her the left over boiled chicken and rice that we had made for her when she wouldn't eat but that was only after numerous attempts at feeding her the regular dog food. :( We're going to bring it up to the vet on Monday and ask if she's just become a spoiled dog, or if we should be concerned.

And so much for trying to save money. :P Mark & I went to Borders yesterday and I ended up spending a little too much. :P Among other web related books, I ended up buying the "Little Shop of Horrors" CD - thank you, Rayna for the coupon! :) It's a pretty good CD, if only for the fact that I love Kerry Butler and Hunter Foster. :) Now I want to hurry up and plan a NYC trip so I, at least, have a chance of seeing the original cast.

In other theatre/web site related news, Julie Jackson sent me some adorable photos of her children. :) I can't believe that its been six months since her son Becket was born, it seems like it was just a couple of months ago. I really miss seeing Julie on stage, but I have to admire her for putting her family first in her life. :)

And lastly, I wanted to welcome jlm1779 and hubbaswuba to my journal! Both seem extremely nice and I look forward to getting to know them better! :)

Hope everyone has a nice week!
Current Mood: fullfull
ajayne on November 17th, 2003 07:59 am (UTC)
Hey! Thank you for the welcome. =) I am enjoying reading your journal. I hope that Sydney has just become a spoiled dog and not wanting the dog food is not cause for alarm. Having an appetite is a good thing.
Sherishutterbug93 on November 17th, 2003 08:29 am (UTC)
Hopefully that's what it is. :) She's always been sort of a spoiled dog anyway (long before she got sick), hopefully she's just returned to her old habits. ;) Thanks for your comment, I hope you have a nice week! :)
Mrs Beanshuman_beans on November 17th, 2003 11:07 am (UTC)
I Love Sushi!
And Sydney must be feeling better. I fell asleep on the floor today and when I woke up, there was a wall of her stuffed toys next to me. She must've brought them all over to me while I was sleeping, hoping that I'd wake up and play with her. :)

THAT is too cute! (Mom...*snore* :::trots for more toys::: Mom...*snore*...)

Sherishutterbug93 on November 17th, 2003 03:56 pm (UTC)
Re: I Love Sushi!
You know, I think that's exactly how it happened too ;). Have a great week! :)
Carriecarrieh on November 17th, 2003 02:13 pm (UTC)
Just been reading your journal after spotting your user pic of Sydney. Is she a Sheltie? Looks like it to me. I've not read back as far as where she starts to be ill, but it certainly sounds like she's had a tough time of it. Poor babe.
I've got a 15 year old Sheltie myself called Tessa. She's always had good health, but has struggled in the last 12 months. The vet said her liver was enlarged (the vet says there's a lump, but it's unclear from the x-rays where exactly that is). She also got jaundice and turned yellow all over. The last three times she has been really ill, the vet hasn't expected her to survive. A lot of what you've written sounds familiar because Tess has been like that when she's been ill.
I hope Sydney continues to do well because she really does look an absolute sweetie.
Sherishutterbug93 on November 17th, 2003 03:45 pm (UTC)
Hi Carrie, Thanks for commenting in my journal! I'm so sorry to hear about Tessa! :( Sydney is a sheltie and she's only 6 years old. My husband Mark & I were very shocked when she became ill because she had been such a healthy dog all her life. Sydney's liver was enlarged on the recent ultrasound that we did and they did detect spots on her liver that they can't quite place. Can I ask, has this been a recurring thing for Tessa? Does it come and go? I'm afraid Sydney is better now, but will get worse again. :( I think it's wonderful, though that Tessa has been able to get better through all of that. How is she doing now?

Thank you so much for commenting in my journal and for your sweet wishes for her. Do you mind if I add you to my friends' list? I always love speaking with other Sheltie lovers and I'd love the chance to get to know you and Tessa through your journal.
Carriecarrieh on November 17th, 2003 11:25 pm (UTC)
No problems, feel free to add me to your friends list. Mind if I do the same?

Awww, poor Sydney, I was wondering how old she was. When I'm talking about Tess, remember that she's 15 and now has quite a few health problems. In the last 12 months, she has been really, really ill 3 times. One of the things the vet discovered was her enlarged liver, another major thing is that her blood count gets too high (not quite sure what that means, but it knocks her balance right off and she can't walk). We've been told that if there's even the slightest sign of her going yellow (it'll show in her eyes first) to get her to the vets straight away as she'll have jaundice again. The vet does expect that and the high blood count to be a recurring problem, but how many of her other problems are recurring, I don't know. She's on permanent medication now and at her age, can't complain at any extra day we get with her.
Sherishutterbug93 on November 17th, 2003 11:50 pm (UTC)
Thank you for adding me, Carrie! :) I have to say that I'm so glad that you found my journal. I had been looking for someone who understood what Sydney might be going through and it seems like Tessa and Sydney have been through very similar illnesses. I hope Tess is doing well and I thank you again for sharing your experiences with her, they help me a lot.
Sabine: Lausersabine10 on November 17th, 2003 02:33 pm (UTC)
I fell asleep on the floor today and when I woke up, there was a wall of her stuffed toys next to me.
That sounds so cute. I wish I had seen it. But, I read Roopunzel's comment and I can imagine that very well. :) I'm very glad that Sydney feels better.

Wish you also a nice week. :)
Sherishutterbug93 on November 17th, 2003 03:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Sabine. :) In fact, it was very similar to what Roopunzel wrote - the snoring and all! ;) Please take care and give Lauser a *HUG* for me, please. :)