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Woo hoo for LJ searches! :)

Not only was I able to find hubbaswuba that way yesterday, but I also found one of my Jaycee friends who had moved away and I hadn't seen for a couple of years. :) Welcome to my journal, Smitha! I was beyond shocked to be searching random LJs and to find her here! :)

Mark & I have come to the realization that Sydney's little eating disorder was probably caused by a new medication the vet gave us this past weekend. It's an antioxidant that's supposed to encourage liver repair, but all it seems to do is make her lethargic and cause her to lose her appetite. :( The vet told us to try NOT giving it to her today and her appetite improved drastically. :)

And she had a little bit of a victory tonight - she was actually able to jump up and claim her favorite spot on the top of the couch. :) She looked so triumphant sitting there, though I had to come to her rescue and carry her off (I guess she didn't think that far ahead...) :P The next step is when she'll be able to jump on our bed again. I have to say that I miss fighting with her for a spot on my pillow. :(

And I had to call CTA today. Apparently they quoted me a price for my web design classes when I registered, but when I got the invoice, they ended up charging me $500 more. :P I could barely afford the tutition as it was, if I had known that it was going to be that much more, I never would've taken the class. And I received the invoice after my first class was over, so it's not like I can "Un-Go" :P. I even spoke with the girl who originally set up my class schedule. She said she didn't have any notes that she told me what the tuition was specifically and that she would have to talk with a supervisor and get back to me. I spoke with her on three separate occasions about the tuition and each time I was quoted the same amount. I even wrote it down, several times in my notes. :P I hope that this gets resolved soon, because I don't know where I'm going to get the extra $500 for these classes, it was hard enough for me to scrape together the initial tuition. :( I love my classes, but affording them is very difficult! :(

In happier news, I wanted to welcome bwaystrkiki128 (who I've always thought ran a great site for Gavin Creel), carrieh (who's a fellow Sheltie lover) :), and smittenbyu (Smitha!!!) to my journal. :)

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