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There are just some days...

...that remind me exactly why I put up with all the politics and the stress at work and today was just one of them. :) Aside from working for my boss (who has to be the best boss in the world to work for), I have to say that the thing that I will probably miss the most about my branch is my customers. :( One of my customers came in today and was so thankful for something I had done for him while he was away in Canada, that he brought me a dozen roses. :) It was so sweet of him that I nearly cried! It's times like today that make me realize that my job isn't just about "sales" like upper management wants me to think, it's about trust and building relationships that mean something. *SIGH* I really don't want to leave my branch. :(

In other news, we received our "Santa Paws" pictures back in the mail today! :) They turned out okay and Sydney looks happy and chipper and as though she wasn't sick at all. :) She actually looks more lively and energetic than we do. ;)

Speaking of the holidays, I can already feel it start to creep up on me. :P One of my co-workers took out her little Christmas tree for her desk, the mall across the street is already filled with decorations, and all I can think of is "It's not even Thanksgiving yet!" I'm so not ready for the holidays this year... :P

Which reminds me... I'm going to be a copycat and ask for addresses from the friends on my list who'd like to receive a Christmas card from us. :) My paid member status ran out last month, so I can't do a poll, but please email me here if you'd like to receive a card. :)

Lastly, I've been in a strange "I want to hear Kevin sing" mood recently. It's been so long since I've seen him on stage (okay September wasn't THAT long ago...) but I probably won't see him in anything until "Phantom" in February. :( Oh, the withdrawal! :( At least I have my memories...some of which were provided by some very charitable friends. ;)

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